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Two weekends ago, Kelly was off duty (the hubs works for Residence Life on campus) so we took advantage of a free weekend, and we went to Memphis that Saturday. It was a nice chance to have a date day which we hadn't done in a while. We have a pug who's fairly young, and I don't like to leave her on the weekends because I didn't get a dog to leave it alone all the time. Generally, Mearl goes where we go. Anyway, we took a small break and ran over to the zoo to see Memphis' famous new baby hippo, Winnie. They also have a new baby sloth named Lua, but she isn't out, yet. Fortunately, Winnie was out, and we were smitten. I also fed the giraffe. Kelly says Memphis has the right idea because they charge you 5 bucks for 4 lettuce leaves to feed the giraffes with.  He got in trouble by a volunteer for trying to pick up teeny pieces of lettuce leaves that kids had dropped to feed them with. Haha!

Mama Binti and Baby Winnie

Making friends

 We watched Winnie swim around for a while which was the most charming thing ever, and then, we were off to lunch at the Memphis restaurant City Silo Table and Pantry with vegetarian/vegan options, that a friend had posted about on Instagram. When I saw the photo of his food he posted, I thought, "I've gotta try this." Kelly and I both got the Buffalo Tempeh and Sesame Cauliflower Bowl with Zucchini Noodles per my friend's recommendation (he was actually there when we walked in), and it was so good. I mean, damn. I loved the cashew ranch, and I definitely plan on going back when we visit Memphis.

My bowl with the Freshen Up Kombucha on the side

In other good food news, we just had a Natural Grocers open up in Jonesboro, and since we live in a small town in Northeast Arkansas, I'm so pumped excited (since when do I say pumped? WTH?) to have more vegetarian/vegan/clean eating options. I also go nuts over a good produce section so Kelly and I went to the opening last Wednesday. I got a lot of new stuff to try out, and I'll report back on all of it in the next few days. One thing we recently tried from The Truck Patch, another local health food grocery in town, is the Upton's Naturals Barb-b-que Jackfruit (they also carry it at Natural Grocers). Kelly said he liked it, and I LOVED it! We had both read about it in magazine articles recently, and it really does taste so much like pork! They have other flavors too that I'm going to have to try! I'm generally trying to stay away from depending on too many convenience vegetarian/vegan foods because they can get expensive and, at a times, unhealthy, but once in a while they're okay. This stuff is really good.

Wednesday night, I also picked up a new face wash. I want any new things I buy to be ethically sound/vegan/etc. if possible, and I was out of face wash. I hunted around and decided to try
Alaffia's Everyday Coconut Cleansing Face Wash. I'm happy to report, I also love that! It smells amazing to me, but it's definitely more earthy and not floral or coconutty. I prefer the scent though because I'm not a frou frou smell sort of gal so that just made me love it more. It foams nicely which I liked, too! On second thought, maybe it was lavender that I smelled in it. Either way, it smells good.

I also bought my first vegan lipstick.  I'd always wanted to try organic makeup without gross chemicals, but I'll admit, I remained skeptical on whether or not it would last/be bright enough, etc.  I rarely wear makeup anymore, but when I do, I don't want it to be some light crap.  I tried out
Mineral Fusion Lipstick Butter in Blackberry.  This was most shocking to me because I loved it!!  It was bright and pretty, and it reminded me a lot of the famous Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey which I wore for years.  Now, I'm very fair so it definitely shows up pretty dark on me, but any way, I was pleasantly surprised.  It also lasted quite a while.  It's not a long wear by any means, but it didn't come right off in two seconds either.  I'm looking forward to trying other vegan makeups and cosmetic products now.  If any of you use them , let me know which brands are your favorites/what you recommend.  I'll post a photo later with the lipstick on so you can see the shade on me. 

This past weekend was Mother's Day so on Saturday we drove to Little Rock to celebrate with Kelly's mom and sister.  We grilled out, and I took the Tofurky Italian Sausage.  It was really good, and Ashley always has plenty of veggies so I knew I'd have sides.  She was a vegetarian for years, and she let me borrow a great cookbook, Mollie Katzen's The Vegetable Dishes I Cant' Live Without. We had a great time, and we did a little shopping, too.  We went to an Indian grocery, and I was able to finally get Indian Black Salt to add to my tofu scrambles.  I'm excited about trying that.  

Well, I didn't intend on making this all about food and such, but that's what's going on in my life so there you go.  

I'm reading a
great book on Bob Hope recommended by John Waters.  I've never seen Bob Hope on anything, and I didn't know anything about him but I trust John Waters.  He's made some great book recommendations, and I'm working my way through the other stuff on his list.  Now, I'm going to have to check into watching or listening to some Bob Hope stuff.  I'm also reading The Vegan Way: 21 Days to  Happier, Healthier Plant-Based Lifestyle That Will Transform Your Home, Your Diet, and You by Jackie Day which is pretty good.  

I guess that's about all for now, guys.  

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 “It’s just a silly fairy tale that says hotel chambermaids spy through keyholes. Hotel chambermaids have no interest whatsoever in the people behind the keyholes. Hotel chambermaids have a lot to do and are tired out, and they are all a little disillusioned, and besides, they are entirely occupied with their own affairs. Nobody bothers about anyone else in a big hotel. Everybody is alone with himself in this great pub that Doctor Otternschlag not inaptly compared with life in general. Everyone lives behind double doors and has no companion but his own reflection in the mirror or his shadow on the wall. People brush past one another in the passages, say good morning or good evening in the Lounge, sometimes even enter into a brief conversation painfully raked together out of the barren topics of the day. A glance at another doesn’t go up as far as the eyes. It stops at his clothes. Perhaps it happens that a dance in the Yellow Pavilion brings two bodies into contact. Perhaps someone steals out of his room into another’s. That is all. Behind it lies an abyss of loneliness. Each in his own room is alone with his own ego and is little concerned with another’s. Even the honeymoon couple in Room No. 134 are separated by a vacancy of unspoken words as they lie in bed. Some wedded pairs of boots and shoes that stand outside the doors at night wear a distinct expression of mutual hatred on their leather visages, and some have a jaunty air though they are desperate and floppy eared. The valet who collects them suffers terribly from chronic indigestion, but who cares?”-Vicki Baum, Grand Hotel 


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